Here is an introduction to where you are, and to what we do here as a psychotherapists.  "Psychotherapy" is an ancient word that means "soul-healing."  Psychotherapy is a way to know your self deeply, and in so doing, change your life in a meaningful way.

Whether you want to change your life, and how you want to change it, is for you to discover together with your therapist.  In our practices, we won't analyze, judge, or tell others what to do.  We will tell you honestly what we think, and trust you to do with that whatever you choose to do.  

The goal during a first meeting with Jeff or Fiona is simply to get to know you, and give you a chance to get to know whichever one of us you are meeting.  At the end of our hour we make a recommendation of how we might be of help.  You and your therapist may decide to work together one-on-one, or invite members of your family or other people in your life, or work with a therapy group.  If either you or your therapist feels that you need a different kind of professional help, or a different therapist, we can help you search.

During their lives, people often:

  • Search for balance in relationships (intimacy, isolation, conflict)
  • Search for balance in emotions (depression, anxiety, anger, addiction)
  • Search for direction and meaning in life
  • Search to live with loss and life transitions
  • Search to resolve trauma and abuse
  • Search to survive adolescence
  • Search for balance in identity (self-image, gender, sexual identity)
  • Search to resolve professional distress (psychologists, military, and others)

Psychotherapy may be done;

individually, focusing on the inner life of one person,

as a couple or family, focusing on the relationships between people,

or in groups, drawing on the strength of shared experiences and similar challenges.

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